Tarab Campaign, Part I Summary
The Story So Far

Welcome, weary traveler! Come, there is room enough in our humble group of companions to accomodate another soul searching for a respite from the desert. We were just about to tell a story- and a most excellent one as well. Our tale begins a long time ago, before your great grandsire was but a glimmer in his parents eye, and on this very road that we travel now, across the vast eastern deserts to the fabled and foreboding city of Jahldad…

On a caravan bound for the infamous City of Ignorance, there met four companions from very different walks of life. An aristocrat, born into wealth and indulgence, but hiding a strange and frightening secret within his very blood; a member of one of the Secret Orders, a grim and determined warrior-monk with a hatred of magic borne of great tragedy; a girl, raised by the desert folk, unaware of her own past; and a hunter, an Injiltian, searching for a life once lived, then forgotten. Unknown to each other, they found themselves ambushed and marooned in the desert, the only witnesses to a mysterious prisoner’s death. Through hardships they miraculously made their way to the city gates, and upon settling in for a brief stay, they had many adventures which repeatedly required their cooperation for sucess and mutual benefit. So they confronted a rogue wizard and came into possession of an ancient and powerful relic, though they knew not its nature. This in turn drew the ire of the feared Shayatenn and a great moon beast, a man who could walk in the skin of a lion and hunted the innocent as his prey. A bloody battle routed the Iblis-worshipers and the were-creature, and lead the travellers to seek the land of pyramids, the ancient province of Pheogypta. There they hoped to find answers to a mystery that was only beginning to unfold around them. Lead by a guide recruited by a reputed caravan master, they marched south to the Sea and a waiting ship.

A ship they found, but of a kind most unexpected- the Dancing Sparrow, the personal craft of the legendary Captain Fatad, the most notorious corsair of his day, though some claimed he was actually a spy and a faithful servant of the Mamluk Council of Pheogypta, a staunch patriot fighting against Crusader aggressions and Sikhar piracy. Captain Fatad’s infamy offered little protection, however, from vengeful Sikhar pirates, as an ambush off the coast of the Great Gulf left the travellers seperated and washed ashore on the dark continent of Yoro. There their adventures took a more sinister turn, as they battled monsters not seen by Tarabs since ages long past, and even confronted the terrifying Demon in his prison lair, whereupon they subdued the caged menace and restored the magical seal that both kept him in and those that would free him out. With the aid of another of the Secret Orders, the Knights of Sulaimon, they were able to avert the threat and encountered for the second time the vile Bandaged Ones, which almost overcame the brave adventurers, were it not for the timely arrival of the Knights and the Guardian of the Green, upon whose hallowed territory the blasphemous anamolies dared trespass.

Their pact with the Knights fulfilled and their ship fully restored, the journey continued, once more, towards Pheogypta, whose ancient dunes and hoary stones hid who knows what secrets…while within their own hearts, questions, distrust, and uncertainty of themselves and each other threatened their every step…

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