The True Faith

In the land of Tarab, the True Faith is the most common religion. Followers of the True Faith worship an all-encompassing, universal deity known alternately the One Creator, the Creator, The One, and the First and the Last. This deity is neither anthropomorphic or directly active- rather, believers see its presence in all things, and its will is known through the events of the world, and through two other means: Malak (Angels) and Prophets.

Malak are beings of pure light and good who dwell in a heavenly realm that is unknown to mortal eyes and senses. They act as messengers conveying revelations to the faithful, and are said to lack free will. It is through specific angels that a conduit to divine spellcasting energy is achieved for most good and neutral clerics.

Prophets are mortals who receive a direct connection from the divine through visions, revelations, and divine inspirations. They usually receive contact from a Malak messenger as well. According to the most commonly accepted doctrine, there have been numerous prophets throughout history, and the final one to appear, known as the Last Prophet, did so four hundred years ago. Some minority opinions hold that there may still be further Prophets and Revelations, but the majority of believers agree that the Last Prophet revealed the True Faith and there is no need for further Prophecy.

The Religions of the Book

Direct precursors to the True Faith, these religions share some of the same tenants and follow the One, but differ strongly in the Prophets which they follow and the methods of worship. The True Faith is considered the youngest and final Religion of the Book.

The Old Covenant: The oldest of the Religions of the Book, followers of the Old Covenant believe that the true Prophet has not yet arrived and patiently await the day of his or her coming. When the True Prophet arrives from within their own numbers, they will usher in a new age of paradise. The Old Covenant are an extreme minority in most of Tarab and sometimes face persecution.

The New Covenant: The middle brother of the Religions of the Book, followers of the New Covenant believe that the final prophet was Isa, who was martyred over a thousand years ago. They worship Isa as both the Final Prophet, the True Prophet, and as a divine being. Most of the populations of the Western Continent have been followers of the New Covenant for the past centuries, and together with native Tarabs make up the largest religious minority in Tarab.


There are a number of mystics within all three of the Religions of the Book, who turn not to doctrine or holy texts for divine inspiration, but rather look to discover the divine through asceticism, poetry, meditation, and self-reflection. Some of the orders focus on the teachings of the True Faith, whilst others blend all three of the Religions of the Book.


The Shayateen are an organization of (mostly) evil jinn and mortals who worship and serve Iblis and his fiendish followers. According to legend and scripture, Iblis was once a proud and mighty Jinn, one of the most favored of all beings in early Creation, so pious that he lived and worshiped amongst the Angels. When the mortal races were conceived, Iblis became jealous, and refused to recognize the newest members of Creation. Arrogantly, Iblis decreed that he was greater than the mortal races, for they were made of clay whilst he was made of fire. He was summarily cast out of the Heavens Above and went into hiding in the deep places of the world, where he forged the Fire Beneath and began tempting mortals and jinn into his service, since they possess free will and can thus accept or reject the One. The central tenant of the Shayateen is the rejection of the Stewardship given to mortals by the One and the active subversion of that order.

The Old Ways

An umbrella term for the numerous animist, polytheist, and shaman beliefs practiced in Tarab before the coming of the True Faith. While most have accepted the True Faith, there are still some holdouts in remote areas across the land. For followers of the True Faith, worshipers of the old ways are considered to be pagan, or, more harshly, khafirs (infidels).


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