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Dar-al-Tarab, or simply Tarab, is a kingdom, or, more properly, a Caliphate, ruled by a dynastic monarch from the capital of Madinat as Salam, the City of Peace. While the Caliph ostensibly rules and protects all those who live in Tarab, the size of the kingdom and the relative weakness of central authority beyond certain points requires the delegation of power throughout the realm in a complex and ever-shifting bureaucratic structure. Representatives of the Caliph, called Sultans, are appointed to major areas in order to better maintain the rule of law and the enforcement of justice. Areas too far outside the reach of even a sultan are often ruled by an appointed Governor; some of these individuals operate in strict accordance with the law, whilst others are lax and leave their provinces relatively autonomous. There are three main regions of Tarab, divided geographically.

Tarkut- The Northernmost region of Tarab. Tarkut encompasses much of the old territory of the Rumi Empire, bounded on the Southern edge by the Middle Sea and to the North by the Black Sea. Tarkut is a new addition to the kingdom of Tarab, and is populated by a formerly migrant people distantly related to native Tarabs known as Timurs. A sultan chosen from the prominent Timur tribes rules over Tarkut. The inland geography is mostly semi-arid plateaus and highlands, while the coastlines are heavily forested and highly arable. A great deal of Tarab’s timber and mineral wealth comes from this region.

Tarabiyya- The central region of Tarab is also the namesake of the kingdom, and marks the Eastern-most border as well. In the Northeast of this region is the capital of Madinat as Salam, and many of the holiest cities are in the region as well. The western coast touches upon the Middle Sea at several points, but full control of this area has recently been lost to Injiltian crusaders, including the holy city of Urshalim al-Quds. This region is the heart and soul of Tarabic culture, music, poetry, and scholarship. The East is primarily desert, while the rest of the region is composed of hilly highlands, fertile valleys, and flatland steppes.

Pheogypta [Pronounced “Foe-Jip-Tah”]- The Southernmost region of Tarab, Pheogypta is an ancient land that has belonged to many empires and civilizations of the past. Despite this, Pheogpyta quickly assimilated to its inclusion in the Tarabic kingdom since its conquest four hundred years ago, and today it is culturally almost indistinguishable from the heartland of Tarab. A Sultan rules Pheogypta nominally, though his power is limited by the power of the slave-nobles, known as Mamluks, who dominate the military. Much of Southern Pheogypta is sandy desert, but the coastline and rivers are heavily populated, particularly the regional capital of al-Qahira. Pheogypta is the trade capital of Tarab.

The World

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