The people of Tarab use a lunar 12 month calendar called the Hijri. The year 0 is marked by the Flight of the Prophet from Murrakamah to Munawarrah.

300 H After a long decline, the Old Rumi Empire collapses. The capital moves Eastward to Kadriapolis, where an Injiltian Patriarch and a New Rumi Emperor is installed.

53 H The Prophet is born

0 H- Flight of the Prophet. Beginning of Calendar

13 H- Caliphate formed

20 H-Imanam schism occurs.

50 H- Mysterious woman displaying sorcerous powers arrives in Tarabiyya, and installs herself in a mosque next to the Black Stone. After interpreting Divine Will ensures pilgrimage rights for all Tarabic factions, becomes hailed as the Oracle of the Black Stone.

112 H- Pheogypta completley assimilated into Caliphate, expansion into Andalus begins. House of Wisdom founded in Madinat as Salam.

152 H- Andalus conquered.

336 H- Andalusian Caliphate declared; seperation of Andalus from greater Tarab

351 H- Succession of Caliphate successfully challenged by the Abayid dynasty; capital moved to Madinat as Salam in Tarabiyya. Practice of taking Injiltian males from the Cadace Mts. becomes formalized as the Dev Shirme, and these warrior-slaves, known as Mamluks, become the backbone of the Tarabic armies.

447 H- The Mamluks of Pheogypta have become so successful that they hold most of the military and political power there, though the Sultan of Pheogypta remains its nominal governor.

460 H- 10 year old Pheogyptan Hamid al-Haddad is determined to be new Magister by the Alim al-Sihr and is installed in the Magister’s Palace in Madinat as Salam.

469 H- Last known contact between the Caliph and the Sheikh of the Elven Tribes

470 H-Timurs from the Eastern Steppes move into Tarkut, pushing back resurgent Rumi forces to territories near Kadriapolis. They quickly settle and convert, officially joining the Caliphate by 472.

499 H- The Western Patriarch calls for a Crusade to ostensibly alleviate the plight of the New Rumi Empire; in reality a political ploy to undermine Eastern competition for Injiltian support. Crusaders catch the Abayids unawares, pushing as far as the Holy Banks in Western Tarabiyya and establishing several small kindgoms in and around Urshalim al Quds, which quickly become isolated. Refugees flee to all corners of the Caliphate. Many settle in the furthest Oasis of Eastern Tarabiyya, and the town of Jahldad, City of Ignorance, is founded.

547 H- Bedouin raider activity spikes along the Eastern Borders; in Pheogpyta, Berbers from the Southern Desert begin an uprising that is brutally crushed by the Mamluks after some delay.

548 H- Rangers patroling the Eastern Sands report uncommon numbers of Sand Tigers surprisingly close to settled Oases.

549 H- Present Day


Tarab Ammar